Our desire is to pursue authentic truth until transformative love emerges.


Soul Soup Community creates a safe communal table where we can ask deep questions

about life, the soul, and the divine.



Everyone has a right to their own journey and current perspective.


Wanting to learn more about how others understand the world.


We fight for others' highest good.


Each person's perspective is only part of a greater whole; we need each other.


A desire to explore our inner tendencies and their effect on others.

Soul Soup Community was inspired in 2018 when Brian McLaren spoke at Vinings Lake Church near Atlanta, GA and said that creating community can be as simple as making soup together. An idea was born to enjoy eating good food and allowing space for people to explore their current truth without judgment.

The topics of discussion range greatly, and often incorporate references to contemporary thought leaders to ancient mystics, poetry to movies. Respect and holding our own understanding of life, the soul, and the divine with an open hand are critical for acceptance of each other and new ideas. We recognize that the divine is far greater and more expansive than we can ever hope to know--but we come closer when we seek to understand other people's perspectives, for we are more than social creatures who gather together for comfort and warmth on our individual quests; we help make each other whole.

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